Who is Jane? An urban professional. A re-fashioned millennial. A trendsetter. She is active in her community and is actively involved to better her surroundings. She is confident in herself and in her daily steps. She is every ethnicity, every body type and every age.

Jane is you.


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Jane and the Shoe is the latest in fashion-forward streetwear. This collection flaunts a variety of different styles – slides, sneakers, sandals, and more. Fusing new textures and materials, each pair of shoes brings its own unique twist to a timeless style.

As a company, JANE AND THE SHOE designs in great support of today's modern female. Supplying Jane with quality in her walk in life is the number one goal when it comes to design, material choice and distribution. Jane gives back, is determined ethically and possesses personal motivations for her own life and the lives surrounding her. We want to outfit this woman with the style and comfort to continue her path of personal greatness.